Detroit Colour Council Presented: Additive Overview and HP MJF Technology:  How to achieve color, texture and finish on additive applications

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Aaron DeLong:  3D Printing, HP Inc.

With over 20 years in the automotive industry, Aaron has spent much of that time at IAC, a tier1 supplier focusing on interior plastics. He has been using additive manufacturing as a tool for prototype development, manufacturing aids and innovation enablers for most of his career. Joining HP in 2019 focusing on enabling OEMs to realize the benefit of additive as a cost avoidance tool in development, validation and to address parts on vehicles through a production road map.

Taking standard as printed grey or natural parts to an automotive fit and finish level has been one of the enablers for class A interior and exterior on vehicle parts.

Join us for a review of additive technologies available today and how parts made on these and MJF can achieve color, texture, and finish.